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Biometric Screenings for Employees

Personalize Your Employee Healthcare

We are committed to helping you create a healthier workplace and community. Our biometric screening service provides employers with a comprehensive overview of their team’s health through aggregated data. Make informed decisions about health plans and address the specific health concerns among your employees.
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Biometric Screenings Can Help Businesses:

Improve Employee Health

Biometric screenings can identify early signs of health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol before they become more severe. Early detection allows employees to take proactive steps towards their health, potentially reducing long-term healthcare costs.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

By identifying and addressing health issues early on, employers can see a reduction in healthcare expenses. Healthier employees typically require fewer doctor visits, medications, and procedures, leading to lower insurance premiums and healthcare costs for the employer.

Improve Productivity & Performance

Healthier employees are generally more productive and engaged. Biometric screenings can lead to improved employee health and well-being, reducing absenteeism due to illness and increasing overall productivity and morale within the workplace.
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Discover how our On-site Mobile Testing services can provide DOT compliant testing solutions for your company's substance & DNA testing needs - anytime, anywhere!

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