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Random Drug Testing

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At Smart Labs Now, our random drug testing services are designed to blend seamlessly with your existing safety protocols, ensuring a safe and responsible workplace for all. Our approach prioritizes rapid results, exceptional support, and cost-effectiveness, making us your ideal partner in maintaining a secure work environment.
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Random Drug Testing Can Help Your Business:

Improve Productivity & Performance

Employees who are sober and focused are more likely to contribute positively to their teams, meet deadlines, and maintain high-quality work standards.

Protect Your People & Your Assets

Create a safer environment for everyone by ensuring a drug-free work environment, reducing potential harm and the associated costs from workplace incidents.

Uphold Your Company's Reputation

By demonstrating a commitment to safety and health, you'll attract higher-quality candidates, retain employees, and build trust with clients.
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Let us bring the lab to you with on-site mobile testing

Discover how our On-site Mobile Testing services can provide DOT compliant testing solutions for your company's substance & DNA testing needs - anytime, anywhere!

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Your partner in fostering a safer, healthier workplace.

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