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Hair Drug Testing

Non-Invaisive, Extended Detection Window

At Smart Labs Now, our court-admissible hair testing services offer a reliable, non-invasive, and easy-to-collect method for detecting drug use over an extended period, making them ideal for pre-employment screening or workplace incidents requiring legally defensible results.
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Why Use Hair Drug Testing?

Extended Detection Window

Hair drug testing provides a unique advantage with its extended detection window, surpassing other conventional testing methods. While urine or saliva tests may solely detect recent drug use, hair testing offers insight into substance use patterns spanning weeks to months. This prolonged timeframe renders hair drug testing invaluable for scenarios demanding comprehensive scrutiny of an individual's drug history, such as pre-employment screenings or continuous monitoring programs. Its ability to unveil a more extensive timeline of drug usage enhances its applicability in various settings, facilitating informed decision-making and risk mitigation strategies.

Court-Admissible Results

Hair drug testing offers results that are admissible in court, cementing its status as a dependable choice for legal and forensic purposes. The capacity to precisely identify drug use across an extended timeframe, coupled with the resilience of hair testing techniques, ensures the reliability and defensibility of outcomes in legal settings. This attributes hair drug testing as an indispensable asset for various legal proceedings, encompassing child custody disputes, probation oversight, and criminal inquiries. Its ability to provide concrete evidence contributes to the pursuit of justice and the establishment of factual accuracy in legal matters, reinforcing its significance in the realm of law enforcement and adjudication.

Non-Invasive & Easy to Collect

Obtaining hair samples for drug testing is a non-intrusive and straightforward procedure, offering convenience for both individuals and testing facilities alike. In contrast to blood tests that necessitate venipuncture or urine tests susceptible to tampering, collecting a hair sample involves a painless process of scanning hair from the scalp or other body regions. This simplified collection method minimizes discomfort for the individual undergoing testing and simplifies the testing process for administrators, enhancing efficiency and accessibility. The simplicity of hair sample collection renders hair drug testing a practical and convenient option for a wide array of applications, ensuring ease of implementation and reliability in drug detection protocols.
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