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Saliva Drug Testing

Detect Recent Drug Use, Rapid Results

At Smart Labs Now, we understand the importance of convenient and non-invasive testing methods for workplace drug screening. Our saliva testing services offer businesses a quick and efficient way to detect drug use among employees, helping to maintain a safe and secure work environment while prioritizing employee privacy and comfort.
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Why Use Saliva Drug Testing?

Convenient & Non-Invasive

Saliva testing offers a convenient and non-invasive method for drug screening, making it suitable for various testing scenarios. Collecting a saliva sample is simple and painless, involving the swabbing of the inner cheek with a collection device. This ease of collection reduces discomfort for individuals being tested and streamlines the testing process for administrators, making saliva testing a practical option for workplace screenings, roadside testing, or other settings where rapid and efficient testing is required.

Rapid Results

Saliva testing provides rapid results, offering real-time assessment of drug use or impairment. Unlike blood or urine tests, which may require laboratory analysis and involve delays in obtaining results, saliva testing delivers immediate readings, allowing for on-the-spot decision-making. This quick turnaround time makes saliva testing ideal for situations where prompt assessment of drug use or impairment is essential, such as post-accident testing, pre-employment screening, or drug treatment monitoring.

Detection of Recent Drug Use

Saliva testing can detect recent drug use, providing valuable insights into an individual's recent substance use history. While saliva testing may not offer as extended a detection window as other methods like hair or fingernail testing, it is highly effective at detecting recent drug use within a few hours to a few days. This capability makes saliva testing suitable for detecting current impairment or assessing recent drug use patterns, making it a valuable tool for workplace safety initiatives, drug treatment programs, or legal proceedings.
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