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Smart Labs Now is a professional, AABB-certified lab located in Portland. We offer highly reliable and trusted DNA testing services, including prenatal testing, paternity testing, and gender reveal testing.  With our test accuracy, you can rest assured that the results are trustworthy. You will also communicate directly with the person responsible for the specimen collection, so they can help you with any questions or concerns you may have. add more.

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Types Of DNA Testing We Provide 



Specimen type: Blood draw. Non-Invasive.

Detection Time: As early as 8 weeks into pregnancy.

Results turnaround time: Timing depends

Price: Pricing depends. contact us to learn more.



Specimen type: Oral swab. Non-invasive.

Results turnaround time: 4-5 business days.

Price: Need Price for informational only and for legally binding testing options**

Gender Reveal


Specimen type: Blood draw. Non-Invasive.

Detection Time: As early as 6 weeks.

Results turnaround time: 3 business days**

Price: $149

Why Choose Smart Labs Now For DNA Testing?


Our lab is AABB Certified, which means we pass the highest standard for processing


Work directly with the person responsible for the specimen collection process.


Assure the specimens are handled properly and collected by a trained neutral third party


Plenty of no-charge parking available at our facility

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Address: 12003 NE Ainsworth Circle #103 Portland, Oregon

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