Convenient Drug Testing Lab In Portland

For Individuals & Employers

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Convenient Drug Testing Lab In Portland

For Individuals & Employers

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Extensive Drug Testing Options For Employers & Individuals

Smart Labs Now is a professional Portland area drug testing lab offering an extensive list of services. We pride ourselves on offering precise, private, and dependable tests and screenings. Our goal is to provide a donor-friendly testing process and fast results. We routinely provide on-site testing to save time and reduce productivity loss, including after-hours service.

We offer hair, urine, nail, sweat and oral fluid testing solutions. Some tests can be performed during the donor visit and results reported within one hour. This includes 4, 5, 10, and 12-panel instant urine drug tests.

If you have any questions about which test is best for the substance being tested and the timeframe to be covered, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our trained lab technicians will be happy to assist you.

We Perform Drug Testing For The Following:


When your potential employee completes a pre-employment drug screen, this saves valuable time and energy by preventing the hiring of individuals who use illegal drugs. Screening to reduce or eliminate workplace drug use will also boost your team’s productivity and morale.


Reasonable Suspicion

Using Smart Labs Now as your professional third-party collector when drug or alcohol use is suspected at the workplace can prevent or defeat lawsuits. It also avoids any claimed appearance of negative bias towards an employee.


Random Testing & Supervisory Training

Both services can help prevent injuries and accidents, including possible fatalities. These services can also improve efficiency and profitability in the workplace by ensuring employees are working at their full potential.

DOT and Consortium Services

These highly specialized federally mandated tests help keep travel safe. We provide proper documentation and recordkeeping, along with accuracy and reliability of testing.

Personal/Individual Testing

Want to know if your marijuana use will appear on a drug screen? Need help with being wrongly accused of drug or alcohol use in a civil lawsuit? We have ten years of experience handling these situations and more.


Do You Need Drug Testing Services For Your Employees?

We offer onsite testing, or you can send people to our convenient location near PDX. Use our Contact Us form or call to learn more about our various tests and reasonable pricing.

Contact Us To Schedule A Test

Contact our lab for any questions or schedule online. For many of our drug testing services, no appointment is needed and walk-ins are welcome between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM daily. Some drug screens can be completed and results received within an hour of donor completion. 




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