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Every business, whether you have ten employees or over 100, should have a separate drug and alcohol testing policy. A policy provides a clear course of action to determine when testing is appropriate, and how each situation should be handled. It provides management-specific direction and can save your bottom line from expensive worker injury claims. It also reduces potential for gray areas that could become legal issues.

Don’t really have something in place yet? Want some help figuring out what testing panel would be best for your facility, and whether you might need a random program? Or need help now with a reasonable suspicion question? Call now or use the contact form. We’re here to help.

Using our friendly professional staff can prevent or help defeat lawsuits and avoid any appearance of bias in the testing process:

  • Improve efficiency and profitability in the workplace by helping to ensure that employees are working at their top capacity
  • Help prevent serious injuries and accidents, including possible fatalities
  • Utilize the very best in testing accuracy and reliability
  • Protect your workers and the public when travel is involved, including on the roads.
  • Instill client confidence that employees are working safely
  • Save both time and money
  • Weed out potential users or dealers
  • Provide true and unbiased testing
  • Utilize proper documentation and recordkeeping

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At Smart Labs Now, we work with both employers and individuals to help keep people healthy and safe at work, home and school. This means we offer great local Drug, Alcohol, and DNA testing, health and wellness panels, biometric screenings, and background checks. And see our newest offering for The Working Clinic. 

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