Formerly ARCpoint Labs of Portland

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Happily providing drug testing services for Portland businesses

Providing the best in drug testing services for the Portland metro area. We are a Federally-certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), an Oregon-certified DBE, Emerging Small Business (ESB) and Woman-Owned Business (WBE).

Any drug, alcohol, DNA or wellness test, we’ve got you covered

Your testing partner for your life at work, at home, or at school. We provide health and wellness panels that include biometric screenings; thyroid, hormone, or STD tests; and other human blood testing. Our DNA testing covers paternity, relationship, immigration, and infidelity.

Court-mandated testing: drug, alcohol, DNA and more

Let us help you formulate an effective drug and alcohol testing program for your clients. We have years of experience in determining the best method of specimen testing to cover appropriate timelines.

DNA Testing

Tests to discover paternity or ancestry and to fulfill immigration requirements.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Narcotics testing including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and more.

Health & Wellness Panels

Stay well with biometric screenings, testing for STDs, allergies, hormones, thyroid function and more.

Premier Lab Testing in Portland

Drug and Alcohol Testing at our lab, your facility, at a job site, a medical facility (post-accident) or even onboard a ship! DNA, including Paternity, Relationship, Immigration and Infidelity. Health and Wellness panels, including biometric screenings, Thyroid, Hormones, STD’s and other human blood testing. Basic or all-inclusive background checks for employers and landlords. We are an Oregon certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Emerging Small Business (ESB) and Woman Owned Business (WBE). TWIC credentials held by our Onsite Manager. Your testing partner for your life at work, home and school.

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Portland's Only Woman-Owned and Operated Lab

At Smart Labs Now, we work with both employers and individuals to help keep people healthy and safe at work, home and school. This means we offer great local Drug, Alcohol, and DNA testing, health and wellness panels, biometric screenings, audiometry and background checks. Need results now? No problem. Don't want your people to sit in the reception area with sick people for a few hours waiting to be tested? Come see us instead. We’re here to make your life easier. Call (503) 477-7748 or order a test online today!