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Biometric Screenings

Monitor Your Health for Informed Health Decisions

Are you curious about what your body is telling you? Our biometric screenings provide a detailed assessment of your vital health metrics, including blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, body mass index, and more, giving you a clearer picture of your overall health.
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Gain valuable insights that guide you towards:

  • Informed, healthier lifestyle choices
  • Early disease detection
  • A happier, healthier you!
At Smart Labs Now, we offer a variety of basic health panels to address your specific ailments or unique health profile. These include panels for heart health, fatigue, weight loss, and fertility, as well as basic Men's and Women's Health Panels. Schedule a test today to take control of your well-being and better understand your health!
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If you have any questions or concerns about the testing process or what to expect, please click the links below or call us at (503) 477-7748. We are here to ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with the testing process.

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