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Infidelity DNA Testing

For Clarity & Peace of Mind

Seek clarity and ease of mind with our reliable and confidential Infidelity Tests. Infidelity DNA Testing is a scientific approach aimed at uncovering evidence of extramarital affairs or cheating through genetic analysis of DNA or sperm samples collected from personal items such as clothing or bedsheets. Its precision and reliability offer definitive insights, enabling individuals to confront concerns of infidelity with confidence.
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The DNA Testing Process

The DNA testing process for infidelity cases is tailored to handle sensitive concerns with utmost discretion and accuracy. It begins with the submission of personal items that may contain biological material, such as clothing, personal hygiene items, or linens. We carefully analyze these items to detect and compare genetic material found on the items that may indicate the presence of someone other than the submitting individual. Throughout this process, strict confidentiality is upheld to protect the privacy of all parties involved. Once the analysis is complete, a detailed report is provided, offering clear insights into the genetic findings and their implications.


If you have any questions or concerns about the testing process or what to expect, please click the links below or call us at (503) 477-7748. We are here to ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with the testing process.

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