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PEth Alcohol Testing

Detect Chronic Alcohol Consumption

Smart Labs Now's PEth testing services are designed to detect chronic alcohol consumption via an individual's blood. PEth tests are valuable for ongoing monitoring programs or instances where long-term alcohol use patterns need to be assessed for safety-sensitive positions or regulatory compliance.
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Why Use PEth Testing?

Detects Chronic Alcohol Consumption

PEth testing is highly effective at detecting chronic alcohol consumption over an extended period, making it valuable for assessing long-term alcohol use patterns. Unlike breath or blood alcohol testing, which primarily detect recent alcohol consumption, PEth testing measures phosphatidylethanol (PEth) biomarkers in the blood, which are formed when ethanol is metabolized in the body. This ability to detect chronic alcohol consumption makes PEth testing particularly useful for monitoring individuals with alcohol use disorders or for evaluating compliance with alcohol treatment programs.

Objective & Quantifiable Results

PEth testing provides objective and quantifiable results, offering clear evidence of alcohol consumption levels. The presence of PEth biomarkers in the blood indicates recent alcohol exposure, with higher levels correlating to greater alcohol consumption. This objectivity and quantifiability make PEth testing a reliable tool for assessing alcohol use severity, monitoring changes in alcohol consumption over time, or providing evidence of alcohol abstinence in legal or workplace settings.

Long Detection Window

PEth testing offers a long detection window, allowing for the detection of alcohol consumption over several weeks. PEth biomarkers are stable in the blood for an extended period, providing a retrospective assessment of alcohol use over the preceding weeks. This extended detection window makes PEth testing suitable for various applications, including workplace testing, probation monitoring, or custody cases, where comprehensive insight into an individual's alcohol use history is required for decision-making.
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