Health & Wellness Testing

Whether you’re an individual or employer, we can help with testing that will give people the information they need to improve their health.

For Employers:

From onsite biometric screenings to consultations and lunch & learn programs we can help your employees begin to live healthier lifestyles. By making individualized health information easy to obtain during the workday, you show your value as an employer which helps boost morale among employees.

We provide: Total cholesterol number, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, and glucose by most advanced capillary stick methodology. No fasting is necessary. We can also provide blood pressure reading, BMI and Body Composition indicators to help further assess health and possible risks. Consultation is available to show normal ranges, where the employee numbers appear within those ranges and opportunities for improvement.

We have also provided HIPAA compliant aggregate data for insurance reporting purposes only. All specific personal data is provided directly to employees and not shared with company representatives.

Want to help boost employee productivity and engagement? Reduce presenteeism (at work but ill) and absenteeism? Give us a call or use the contact form to help us put together a plan of action.

For Individuals:

Would you like to know more about your health without lengthy office visits, co-pays and insurance battles? Our reasonable test pricing is all-inclusive (blood draw, processing and results to you) and we accept HSA credit cards, as well as VISA, Mastercard, Discover or cash at time of service.

Want to take control of who sees your health records? We can provide results to you without a doctor’s written request/prescription. You decide whether you wish to release the records to anyone. There are a few exceptions, where the State of Oregon mandates we report positive STD results and the like, but otherwise it’s up to you. Your tests results can also be taken to your next physician appointment for discussion if necessary and added to their files. Often we have same day appointments available (not like waiting for a week or two to schedule with your physician, then to find out you get to wait even longer for test results)!


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At Smart Labs Now, we work with both employers and individuals to help keep people healthy and safe at work, home and school. This means we offer great local Drug, Alcohol, and DNA testing, health and wellness panels, biometric screenings, and background checks. And see our newest offering for The Working Clinic. 

Need results now? No problem. Don't want your people to sit in the reception area with sick people for a few hours, waiting to be tested? Send them to us instead. We're here to make your life easier. Call (503) 477-7748 or order a test online today!

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