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As a contractor, you want to maintain a safe, drug and alcohol-free workplace for your crews. We can help maintain your workforce safety with Randoms, Reasonable Suspicion, and Post Accident testing available 24 Hours a day, your location or ours.

We offer both instant test and lab-based tests, getting your people on the job as quickly as possible.

Smart Labs Now can eliminate risky hires through Pre-employment testing and background checks at our office near the airport. Cost-effective group testing at YOUR site may also be available on short notice.



COVID-19 PCR Diagnostic, Immune Response Panel and Vaccine Response screenings available by appointment. Smart Labs Now will also perform COVID-19 tests on your job sites, saving you time and money on travel. Results are normally available within 36 hours.


Call Smart Labs Now to keep your Construction projects moving along with fewer accidents and safer crews!


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At Smart Labs Now, we work with both employers and individuals to help keep people healthy and safe at work, home and school. This means we offer great local Drug, Alcohol, and DNA testing, health and wellness panels, biometric screenings, and background checks. And see our newest offering for The Working Clinic. 

Need results now? No problem. Don't want your people to sit in the reception area with sick people for a few hours, waiting to be tested? Send them to us instead. We're here to make your life easier. Call (503) 477-7748 or order a test online today!

Your testing partner for your life at work, home and school.