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Fingernail Drug Testing

Non-Invaisive, Extended Detection Window

Smart Labs Now understands the importance of thorough workplace drug screening, which is why our fingernail testing services offer an extended detection window, making them suitable for scenarios requiring detailed insight into employee substance use history, such as safety-sensitive industries or compliance with federal regulations.
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Why Use Lab-Based Fingernail Drug Testing?

Extended Detection Window

Fingernail testing offers an extended detection window, allowing for the detection of drug use over a longer period compared to other testing methods. As drugs and their metabolites are incorporated into the fingernail as it grows, fingernail testing can detect substance use patterns over weeks or even months. This extended window makes fingernail testing particularly useful for scenarios requiring comprehensive insight into an individual's drug history, such as workplace monitoring or legal proceedings.

Robust & Reliable Results

Fingernail testing provides robust and reliable results, offering a durable matrix for drug detection. Fingernails are composed of keratin, a sturdy protein that preserves drug compounds over time, making them less susceptible to environmental contamination or adulteration compared to urine or saliva samples. This durability ensures the integrity of fingernail test results, making them highly credible for workplace testing, court proceedings, or substance abuse treatment programs.

Non-Invasive Collection Process

Collecting fingernail samples for testing is non-invasive and straightforward, making it a convenient option for both individuals and testing facilities. Unlike blood tests, which require venipuncture, or hair tests, which may involve discomfort during sample collection, obtaining a fingernail sample simply requires trimming a small portion of the nail. This painless process reduces discomfort for the individual being tested and simplifies the testing procedure for administrators, making fingernail testing an accessible and practical choice for various applications.
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